Looking Back

Overall I am proud of the way my travel blog turned out.  My blog gives me a jumping off point for my future travels and I really did enjoy researching my topics.  I wish I had more time to delve into each place a little further, but as I noticed in the beginning, my posts were taking a lot of time to research.  I had to modify my approach and start small.

I am torn between which posts were my best.  I enjoyed advocate blogging because it allowed me to really explore the places I was posting about, yet I was thankful for filter/connector posts because the time it took to compile information was drastically shorter.

The challenges I faced was mostly in research.  For example, I began to research Greece and very quickly had a list of places and links so long I became overwhelmed and scrapped the idea.  This is when I decided that when writing about a place I should probably narrow down locations.  This is why I blogged about Key Largo instead of the Florida Keys.

Other than research, I am a bit insecure in my writing.  Having very little feedback left me wondering if there were things I could do better to improve my blog overall.

As far as next time goes, I hope to maintain this blog and continue to grow the list of places I want to travel to.  Eventually I would like to have my blog become more public (scary).  It would be nice to have comment from readers sharing their experiences and making the must see list more interactive.  I am pretty shy when it comes to my writing so that will prove to be a big step.


One thought on “Looking Back

  1. Hi, Helen — I think you made some smart adjustments over the course of this project. Focusing on the virtues of very specific destinations (Key Largo instead of all the Keys, for example) helps set your blog apart from broader travel information on TV shows or major websites. I’d encourage you to keep the blog going in that direction. Perhaps connecting each of your posts to a popular article or video that covers a major destination, then quickly indicating that your focusing on a particular spot that the other source doesn’t cover in much detail. Think of each post as a kind of tour of that place and really highlight the images/activities that appeal most to you (and not a generic audience). Overall, I think you’ve established a great blog premise that, if developed in this direction, would be a unique and useful resource for a lot of like-minded readers.

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