Bloggy blog style

What did you learn about the filter, connector, critic and advocate modes by writing your first posts?

Filter and connector style posts allow the blogger to connect with their audience in a shorter and quicker post.  These posts are great for sharing information that sums up what the blogger is trying to convey while showing the reader that the blogger is in fact out searching the web for relevant information.  This style of post might be great for when the blogger doesn’t have a lot of time but does want to update their blog.

Critic and advocate blogs allow the blogger to express their opinions more freely.  This allows the reader to connect with the blogger on a more personal level.  Usually there is a call to action within these types of posts.

Which style of posts do you expect to be the most challenging for you to compose in the future and why?

I think critic posts will be challenging for my blog topic.  I would prefer to stay away from criticism and focus more on the positive aspects of visiting different places, being an advocate for travel.

What sources did you rely on for your first two weeks of blogging and why did you choose these sources?

I mainly used my blogroll, twitter feed, and the websites of the places I wrote about as my sources for the first several blogs.  I chose to use my blogroll and twitter feed as a jumping off point for inspirational ideas of places to start.  Then I visited the website for these places for additional information.


Fun Festivals

Looking for something out of the ordinary for your next adventure?  Elica Sue over at Wild Junket created a list of seven festivals around the world.  Why not plan your next trip around one of these fun festivals?